How to Optimize Your Immune System:

Mar 2020

How ‘re you doing? What are you all eating these days? Healthy balanced-diet or packaged, processed, and canned foods? Do you know that what you eat can impact your health in a big way? How are you boosting your immune system in these uncertain times? Do you know that the weaker your immune system is, …

Mindful Eating

Dec 2019

M What is Mindfulness? It is being present in every single moment. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress and anxiety as most people live in a fight or flight state of mind throughout the day.  Most of us eat on the go, we eat on our desks at work, we eat in our car, we eat …

Toxicity Load in Your Food and The Health Risks to Your Body.

Nov 2019

A lot of people keep asking what the health risks of chemicals in our food are? Pesticides are chemical or biological agents that are used to protect crops from insects, weeds, and infections. We get exposed to these herbicides and pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by eating them through our food. Pesticides are used …

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion: How Serious is it?

Oct 2019

D About half of all the drugs used in clinical practice have documented drug depleting effect. With so many people today on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and consuming more medications for their chronic conditions with lots of chemicals in these pills as well as environmental exposure more than ever before, result in significant nutritional …

A Toxic Workplace and Its Impact on your Health

Oct 2019

Are your colleagues often calling in sick from work? Does your boss publicly belittle you at work? Do you leave work every day feeling totally drained or just plainly unhappy? Toxic workplace environments are common. In fact, one-fifth of working professionals in America consider their workplace toxic.  A toxic work environment can negatively affect your …

Why You Need A Personal MTM Pharmacist.

Oct 2019

Ever heard of a personal fitness trainer? And why use one? As you may know, a personal fitness trainer is one hired to help people keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He guides and advises individual clients on the correct work out methods and develops customized exercise programs based on age, health condition, and …


Mar 2019

Are you Suffering from Depression, Anxiety or Loneliness? Have you ever felt so lonely even when you’re with a crowd full of people? Have you ever felt so broken inside, even though you seem to have it all? Have you ever seemed so anxious of what tomorrow may bring? Do you have a depressed mood …

Food Packed with More Potassium than Bananas

Mar 2019

I was recently asked by my patient how to get enough potassium. He regularly experiences abdominal cramps, tingling and muscle numbness, high blood pressure, low energy, irregular heart-beat and excessive urination. If you are experiencing muscle fatigue, you may have potassium deficiency and should talk to your doctor right away. While potassium can be taken …

Do you know that when it comes to your medication, grapefruit juice is a risky business!

Mar 2019

Do you know that when it comes to your medication, grapefruit juice is a risky business! The juice increase the absorption of certain drugs to dangerously high levels in your bloodstream. This increase then leads to adverse effects when it reaches a high concentration in your system. The grapefruit-juice-drug interaction is known and proven …


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