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We are the medication experts! We act as Network Telehealth Liaison to increase need for pharmacist-led clinical programs. We partner the best Clinical Pharmacists with local NextDoor complex Patients and use the latest technology to optimize their medication regimen, reduce readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction.

Dr.Christina Wachuku Pharm D, BCACP, ABAAHP, CMTM, C.Ph.

Specialist in Advanced Patient Care

Dr. Christina Wachuku graduated from Long Island University (LIU) in NY with the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). She is a Transitional Care Management Specialist, Functional Medicine Pharmacist and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, who is Board Certified in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy and Anti-Aging medicine.

She conducts private consultations with her clientele to help them better understand the purpose of their medications and how to use them appropriately to curb adverse drug reactions, reduce medication risks, and identify ways to increase savings in costs of medications. She is committed to helping those trying to lose weight keep it off with healthy lifestyle habits that are scientific-based and unique to their lifestyle. She works to improve patient’s health with a personalized plan through education, encouragement, accountability, and support.

Dr. Christina Wachuku

She became a credentialed provider with the military and helped implement Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services. She is also certified as a pharmacist Genetic Drug Counselor.

Her education did not stop there, she continually goes for educational CEU, attends conferences and workshops where she received over 100 CE’s every year. She has also actively subscribed to pharmacy journals such as Pharmacy Today, US Pharmacist etc., and current guidelines on primary literatures. She uses this knowledge to help improve her patient’s lives in her day to day interactions with them. This has helped to keep abreast with the ever- changing guidelines and new innovative scientific based practices.

MediFixx Health, LLC is her brainchild that she established to provide expanded care to patients remotely and serve to assist other pharmacists in offering expanded pharmacist-led clinical services. She aims to make a measurable impact that will transform patients lives through personalized remote consultation services to improve their health outcomes.

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4 months ago

Dr. Wachuku is very knowledgeable and always take time to listen to me. She explained everything about my condition and recommended solutions that worked! There was never a rush and she took her time with me.  My doctor saw improvement in me and encouraged me to keep seeing her. I always learn something new each time I have an appointment. Thank you so much.

E. Oyebanjo.

5 months ago

I learned a lot about my disease state and how to improve with lifestyle changes. The Medication management program was excellent! Thank you Dr. Wachuku.

D. Lee

3 months ago

Very informative! Wonderful to discuss my meds with someone so knowledgeable and someone who listens!

E. Tyson

2 months ago

Dr. Wachuku kept me motivated to be the best I can and I have consistently lost the weight I needed to lose. I feel energized and practice healthy eating habits now. You won’t be disappointed!

J. Curtis.

8 months ago

Dr. Wachuku is the kindest, most caring person, and gave my mother her full attention. She is as supportive as anyone could wish for. Thank you for all you have done for my mom. God bless you.

A. Osipov.

1 month ago

Dr Christina Wachuku is a dedicated health care provider. She is kind, patient, and attentive to your health concerns and will work diligently with you to achieve your weight loss goals. I highly recommend her services.

G. Dada

1 month ago

Restoring the care in “Healthcare”, Dr. Christina Wachuku of Medifixx Health, a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Clinical pharmacist is very passionate about helping you optimize your therapeutic outcome. She is not a ‘pill-pusher’, but true care provider with evidence-based health solutions. You just have to give her a call to understand that she’s God-sent. Stop wondering why your medications don’t quite work, or why the body pain persists, or even why the stubborn fat won’t just go away. Just give her a call. That’s it!

Edward. W

9 months ago

Christina is top tier!!!! I most absolutely recommend her. Her private office offers the best service alongside with topnotch professionalism.

Chris. B

1 month ago

As a pharmacy student, it’s great to have Dr. Wachuku as my career coach to advise me as I set and progress toward goals. I’m looking forward to working with her more during my time as a student.

M Wright.