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We empower network of tele health pharmacists’ advisors to create their own 100% Virtual private practice and make new layered streams of revenue from it through a replicable, fully scalable business model.

About Us

We are the medication experts! We act as Network Telehealth Liaison to increase need for pharmacist-led clinical programs. We partner the best Clinical Pharmacists with local NextDoor complex Patients and use the latest technology to optimize their medication regimen, reduce readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction.



3-Month Lifestyle Weight-Loss Solution


12-week 30-minute appointments each including discussion of your progress, weekly body composition, educational videos, supplementation, and recommendation

6-Month Personalized Health & Nutrition Program



Two 50-Minute appointments each month for 6-Month Including a discussion of your progress and recommendation.




We offer pharmacy consulting services, medication monitoring, medication reconciliation,duplicates check, drug-drug interaction check, and drug-supplement interaction check.

Gene SNP DNA Analysis and Consultation Time: 45 minutes


Your DNA tells a story. Do you want to know what role your genes play in digestive health, how well your body copes with the stress of physical activity, how environmental factors affect your body, and how your lifestyle impacts your health? Based on careful analysis of your genetics, diet and lifestyle, we will recommend the best nutritional supplements to meet your health goals. No more guesswork! Get the facts now.

* We accept funds from your FSA & HSA accounts.


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Online Courses

A step by Step Game Plan on how to build 100% virtual Pharmacist led Clinical services

Price: $497.00

Gut Health (Discovering the secret to restoring your gut health in just 12 weeks!)

Price: $197.00

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